Track Side Tower Lighting Kit 3 Towers 1 Single Round 1 Single Flat 1 Double Flat Complete DIY Kit W 12v Power Supply & Wire

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Exclusive to Slotcarspacesolutions is our Track Tower Lighting Kit. 

You get 1 double head flat angled tower 1 Single flat angled tower and 1 round head tower 1 50' roll of 2 conductor lead wire and 1 12 volt 3amp power supply 

The 15" tall light towers are simple slip joint construction and the light panels are 12 volt with peel and stick adhesive backing and can be wired with simple twist and cover with heat shrink or solder connections. 

3 towers and 50 feet of wire should be ample for moderate layouts in a 10' x 5' area. For larger layouts we offer a double kit with 6 towers.