Tek-Slots Dual mode Carrera digital/analog control unit

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Tek-Slots DualMode SwitchBox Guide
If you have a Carrera Digital Race track (or purchase the digital components) you can now change between Carrera's Digital and Analog 124/132 Scale Track Systems with the filp of a switch!  No need to chip your old analog cars, change out controllers, transformers or power bases in order to race both.  Just replace your exsiting Digital Control Unit (30352) with the Tek-Slots DualMode Switchbox and you are set!  This unit will have the same functions when running digitally as your Control Unit, 30352 or when running Analog, your Connecting Section, 20515.
1 - Tek-Slots DualMode SwitchBox (Modified 30352 Control Unit)
  • Allows you to run both digital and analog cars on the same layout, just flip the switch to change modes. 
  • The Carrera Digital Wired or Wireless Controllers will work for both Digital and Analog Mode so you will not need 2 different sets of controllers for each mode.
  • No need to have 2 separate layouts or to spend time switching bases and controllers.  Add that extra track to your main layout to make a MEGA track!
  • No more chipping your old analog cars just to race them on your digital track.  Keep them analog, flip the track switch, and race them when you want.
  • When in Analog Mode, you will be able to race 1 Analog Car per lane for a total of 2 Racers on the track at once
  • When in Digital Mode, all features that are available on the Control Unit 30352 will remain the same:
    • Race up to 6 - 1/32 cars on 2 lanes or 4 -1/24 Scale cars
    • Race with a Ghost Car and/or a Pace Car
    • Adjust Braking Sensitivity
    • Adjust Speed Levels
    • Lane Changing
    • Monitor and Regulate Fuel Loads
    • View Lap and Timing Information
These units are tested before they are shipped, please be aware that since this is an aftermarket (modified) Carrera track accessory, the 1 year manufacturer's warranty is voided.
**If you have a 4 lane track, please contact us before purchasing, your layout will require a modified box that we can custom order.


***The TEK-Slots DualMode Switchbox has been tested using multiple stock Carrera digital accessories, (Pit Lane, Driver Display, Position Tower, Lap Counter, Lane Changers, Start light). These parts are all reverse polarity protected, so if a reverse polarity voltage is applied, they essentially block the current flow to these accessories and they appear to be powered off and protected. We cannot test every other manufacturer�s accessories or custom built items that a customer may have installed. If they are polarity sensitive, they must be removed from the track prior to converting to DualMode. This responsibility lies with the customer to know their track components and specifications.