Scalextric C4117 - DMC DeLorean - Back To The Future Converted to Carrera D132

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THIS CAR COMES ALREADY CONVERTED TO CARRERA D132 USING CARRERA DECODER 26732 #scss guide,motor and lighting wiring harnesses. Frankenslot guide blade and spare #scss braids. Switchable working front and rear lights just like carrera d132 cars. Plug and play harnesses gives you peace of mind for a 1 year warranty on the Carrera decoder. Top quality professional installation and testing makes this model ready to run on your Carrera digital track right out of the box!!!!

 Prepare to go Back to the Future in celebration of the film’s 35th anniversary with this newly tooled release of the most famous time machine to ever grace the screen! Inventor Doc Brown achieves the seemingly impossible when he builds a time machine.... out of a DeLorean! After being sent back in time to 1955 when an experiment with Doc’s invention goes wrong, young Marty McFly must make sure his parents get together to guarantee his existence, while enlisting the younger Doc to repair the damaged DeLorean so Marty can go Back to the Future that he hopes is still there!

 This car features a removable lightning rod conductor and detailed decoration that includes the registration plate OUTATME 

The Back to the Future Delorean is arguably the most famous and recognisable car in cinema history and is now a rare collectable in real life among movie fans. Being somewhat more affordable than the real thing, this Scalextric slot car model replica is sure to be one of the biggest hits of the year for collectors young and old, not just of slot cars, but movie fans too! Grab it now, before it disappears into history.