Rim and Tire package. Frankenslot 'truround' plastic rims and Paul Gage tires

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18.5 x 9.5 mm plastic 'truround' rims. No bumps and split rim imperfections like the stock carrera rims. Direct fit for all carrera dtm 132 cars. Comes with matching Paul Gage 20125lmxd urethane tires.  Pack or 2 rims and 2 tires. Press fit rims( glue is strongly suggested for lasting performance)

1 pair of 18.5 mm rims on the center bar (DTM etc.) made of polyamide with glass fiber content

 Inside 14.7 mm for 2.38 mm axles,

 Width 8.4mm overall width 9.8mm - similar to Slotit rim W1730 only larger in the web diameter

 Concentricity 0.02 - 0.03 mm - that's a top value!


 A hard front tire, for example the PT07 from Slotit, has an OD of 21.2 mm

 of course, the hard Frankenslot Shore 60 DTM front tire can also be used

 Core hole of the rim is 2.32 mm, so a very tight clamp. This rim can therefore also be used on the rear axle.

Can also be used on NSR axles with 2.36 mm - absolutely tight clamping!