Frankenslot wired OR wireless controller for Carrera digital 132 124

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-New Frankenslot dual mode wired OR wireless controller. Uses 2aa batteries (not included) upgraded throttle contacts over previous models. Comes with written instructions and links to our how to YouTube video
-The tap is contactless , therefore wear-free because there is no longer a potentiometer
- soft almost smooth trigger, adjustable spring force as before
- The trigger position is monitored redundantly with two sensors - oversampling
- clearly defined switch position - left cable / off / right radio
- The spiral cable is simply plugged in from the outside, delivery includes 4 meters of cable
- The curve can be adjusted using a trimmer during operation (middle position is linear)
- Two curve types that can be dosed as fine as desired. It contains all curves from the old version + any intermediate versions
- 16/30 and 44 speed levels in radio and cable mode
- 44Plus - a new modes for even more dynamics
- Basic functions such as the previous wireless controller, LaunchControl etc., freely programmable start and full throttle point
- One or two-finger lever that can be changed from the outside