Frankenslot Speedflow 'mini' carrera digital decoder

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The latest version of the Frankenslot decoder

The ultra thin and even smaller than the original D232 Frankenslot decoder mini speedflow decoder is here. Comes with front and rear LED lights 1 IR led and all the wires for this awesome DIY slot car decoder.

Speedflow Mini Frankenslot decoder Now approved for 18 volts * Retrofit decoder for analog vehicles such as Carrera Exclusiv, BRM, Scaleauto, NSR, Thunderslot, Carrera Evo, Scalextric etc. Now approved for 18 volts * Frankenslot Speedflow Digital Decoder V2.1 compatible for Carrera ® Digital System D132 / D124 with separate brake / taillight, Ghostcar ™ function, refueling Size approx. 27.0 x 15.0 mm Operating voltage 12 - 18.0 volts DC (* Approval only for 18D Carrera engine, BISON I, Slotdevil 5020 and 4020 without magnet operation) Weight 1.8 grams - one-sided assembly 


For the carrera digital system only... 18v max


Don't forget to get the Frankenslot conversion blade for your project