Carrera digital complete conversion kit for Scalextic DPR cars

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The complete plug and play kit for converting Scalextric DPR chassis cars to work flawlessly on your Carrera digital system. The slotcarspacesolutions exclusive kit is loaded with everything to get your Scalextric car racing fast and consistent lap times within minutes. Two simple solder connections on the motor and the rest is bolt in and plug and play(cars with lights or adding lights require more solder connections) Our exclusive DPR conversion hatch is made for the stock carrera decoder to fasten down using factory screw and screw location and our DPR hatch uses the scalextric factory screw to install like factory.


1- Frankenslot Scalextric conversion guide blade package w spacer, brushes, and hardware

1- Carrera digital decoder 26732

1- Slotcarspacesolutions Carrera/Scalextric conversion DPR hatch

1- Slotcarspacesolutions plug and play guide and motor harness

1- Slotcarspacesolutions plug and play lighting harness

1- pack of  2piece heat shrink