Carrera D132 New latest digital design decoder no light function smallest decoder available. Perfect for converting off brands

Regular price $40.00

This is the smallest digital decoder for Carrera on the market.  Smaller than all aftermarket 3rd party decoders

(Carson, Frankenslot, Slotnik, Speedflow etc)

Robust components and the latest factory carrera firmware. These decoders come from Brand New Carrera Digital 132 models that have no front or rear lights. Smaller than the Scalextric DPR hatch and perfect part for the scratch builders or converting all off brands to carrera digital. These are not yet available in the carrera replacement parts inventory and are sold as new and come with our in-house guide and motor wiring harness with factory carrera plug ends. This is a perfect match for our Scalextric DPR Carrera Digital Conversion Hatches. 

Excellent for converting high end slot cars like NSR Policar RevoSlot Scaleauto and BRM with high power draw motors. Amazing resilience to extended use with high draw motors makes this a perfect choice to use in race situations and small enough to fit in some of the smallest cars.