Carrera 30011 GT Race Battle, Digital 132 Set w/Lights

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Carrera 30011 GT Race Battle, Digital 132 Set w/Lights


Total Track Length: 23.95 ft (7.3 meters)

Dimensions when Assembled: 10 x 5.57 ft (305 x 170 cm)

1x Mercedes-AMG GT3 "MANN-FILTER Team HTP, No.47" - 30910
1 x BMW M6 GT3 "Molitor Racing, No.14" - 30917
11 x Standard Straights (20509)
8 x 1/60 Curves (20571)
1 x Control Unit
2 x Wired Controllers
1 x Double Lane Change Section
1 x 14.8 Volt Transformer
Spare Contact Brushes
Guard Rail
Track Connection Clips

Scale of Track: 1/24
Scale of Cars: 1/32

It is possible to use wired and wireless controllers together on a Digital 132/124 set.  If combining wired and wireless controllers you can use a maximum of 2 wired controllers.  Any other contollers added (up to 6 total) would need to be wireless.

Give it your all! The new Digital 132 Set from Carrera, "GT Race Battle“, features two strong opponents who really go for it! The HTP Motorsport team is showing just how good they really are and the yellow Mercedes-AMG GT3 "MANN-FILTER Team HTP, No.47“ attracts everyone‘s attention. In this duel against Mercedes, the mighty BMW M6 GT3 "Molitor Racing, No.14“ really has to assert itself. If you want to show that you‘re faster, you‘ll have to prove it on this 23.95-ft. long track.