Scalextric Batmobile converted to Carrera Digital

Regular price $129.00

Scalextric BATMOBILE 2021 version C417ST Based off the 1966 TV series version. This exclusive Slotcarspacesolutions version comes pre-built with carrera D132 decoder 26732, #SCSS wiring harness, Frankenslot guide blade and working rear after burner light. 

Professional clean installation, extra after burner light is wired to work off the Carrera D132 decoder headlight circuit. All conversion cars are tested and come with a 1 year warranty on the Carrera decoderand labor preformed.

Each purchase includes 

1- C417ST Scalextric Bat Mobile

1- Frankenslot guide and #SCSS performance wiring harness 

1- #SCSS DIY Slot Car light kit with plugs and additional orange 3mm led

1-Carrera D132 decoder 26732

1- Professional installation with 1 year warranty on decoder and labor