Carrera 30023 Race to Victory Set, Digital 132 w/Lights and Wireless SALE ON NOW!

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Carrera 30023 Race to Victory Set with Lights and Wireless Controllers, Digital 132

Race to Victory' is a new Carrera DIGITAL 132 set. At the start of the 8-metre racing circuit there's the brand-new KTM X-BOW GT2 'True Racing, No.16' in an orange paintjob, featuring extraordinary technology and design purism. Alongside, at the front of the grid, is a bright red no. 20 Mercedes-AMG GT3 bearing the Carrera-type logo in which the SPS automotive performance team sped to fifth place in the 12-hour race at the Paul Ricard circuit.



1 x Carrera DIGITAL 132 31034 Mercedes-AMG GT3 "Carrera, No.20" 12h Paul Ricard, 2021

1 x Carrera DIGITAL 132 31012 KTM X-BOW GT2 "True Racing, No.16"

1 x Carrera DIGITAL 30352 Control Unit

1 x Carrera DIGITAL 132 Transformer 14.8V � 3.5 Amp

2 x Carrera DIGITAL 10111 WIRELESS+ Speed Controller

1 x Carrera DIGITAL 10113 WIRELESS+ Double charging station

1 x Carrera DIGITAL 10112 WIRELESS+ Receiver

1 x Carrera DIGITAL 30347 Double Lane Change Track

11 x Carrera 20509 Standard Straight

10 x Carrera 20571 Radius 1 Curve 60�

1 x Carrera 30359 Half Straight Border

4 x Carrera 20598 End Borders

Carrera 85245 Track Connection Clips

Carrera Guardrail

Carrera 85219 Guard Rail Supports

4 x Carrera Replacement 20365 Double Sliding Contacts

1 x Instruction manual


Scale of track: 1:24  Scale of cars: 1:32

Dimensions when assembled: 9.84 x 6.07 ft.
Track length: 26.12 ft.


** It is possible to use wired and wireless controllers together on a Digital 132/124 set.  If combining wired and wireless controllers you can use a maximum of 2 wired controllers.  Any other contollers added (up to 6 total) would need to be wireless.