Carrera 132 Digital Wrecker 30867

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Carrera 132 Digital Wrecker

Carrera 30867 "Carrera" Wrecker with Front, Rear and Flashing Lights, Digital 132

The Lights and SOUND are activated with the lane change button on your digital controller.

Please take note of these 3 points when running your 30867 Wrecker:
• We recommend that you should tow a car for a maximum of 3 minutes. Because it's possible the motor might heat up over prolonged use.
• Check that cars with a long rear overhang might drag on the track if they're being towed.
• When you use the 1/60 curves and you're towing a long car you might see that the rear tire on the inside of the track might drop over the inside edge of the track, so using fences/borders is suggested if you're going to tow a long car around the inside lane.