Carrera 2.4 GHz Wireless Control Set DUO Digital 132/124 10109

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NEW 2.4 GHz Wireless Control Set DUO
Experience the joys of wireless racetrack fun for Carrera DIGITAL 124 and Carrera DIGITAL 132 with the new 2.4 GHz WIRELESS+ set-up.

Carrera Real Racing: 2.4 GHz WIRELESS+ radio controlled technology
Race for up to 6 drivers
Ultra-light, wireless speed controller
Recharger with direct connection to the Carrera circuit
Operating range up to 15m
Uninterrupted and frequency independent due to frequency hopping
8 hours of non-stop operation
Battery powered with Lithium Polymer power pack


2 2.4 GHz WIRELESS+ Speed Controller
1 2.4 GHz WIRELESS+ Receiver
1 2.4 GHz WIRELESS+ double charging station
1 Adapter Unit
1 Shoulder complement
1 End sections outside shoulder (left/right)
Lithium-polymer battery
These accessories also fit to the following systems:
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